A group of us got together again and did a Valentine’s Art Trade thingy. Much like the Christmas one, we were paired off and had to do either a Valentine’s day theme work, or simply just draw the OC.
Unfortunately we’ve had some people not participate, and quite a mix up in the organization (which is why this is so late). No one is ever rushed to get work done in time, and we encourage anyone to have as much fun as possible!

Due to the complications, One of the artists who’s drawn, never had a partner. So in time their work will also be posted!

Artists Invoved:
-Bright ‘Chimera’ Dragon
-Jon Fawkes
-Radioactive K
-Shramper (me)

Special thanks to Fisher for pairing up folks.

We hope to do this again for Easter without any complications! Stay tuned!

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    Adding a bonus lovely thing K made for me after I was sad that no one drew me as Cupid~ Who knew that pairing people up...
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    I participated in this one again! Give all these lovely artists a follow~
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    Woo! art!
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